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"There's something about the smell of fresh doughnuts cooking, you can smell them from way off... the smell of vanilla... It takes you back to trips to the seaside, playing in the sand... It's amazing how that smell can transport you back in time, back to your childhood..."

Doughnuts, Ice Cream,

FroYo (frozen yoghut),

Melted Chocolate,

Hot Drinks (tea, coffee & hot chocolate) &

Real Fruit Milkshakes

5 Star Food Hygiene Rating
Doughnuts Ice Cream Froyo

All events (fairs, parties, events concession service, children's parties, party catering and outdoor catering, Events Catering, Catering Concessions & Crew Catering)

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We are a family-run business in Essex, providing a mobile catering/events concession service from an attractive fun kiosk.

We are happy to bring the kiosk to your school fetes, outdoor shows, open days and fairs.

We are also happy to provide this special service for private and family functions such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, Retirement and Anniversary celebrations across Essex, Kent, London and the South East.

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Rochford, Essex

07460 539012

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